What is employee advocacy on social media?

Employee defense is when people who work for a company take steps to promote their employer. These promotional efforts are generally carried out on social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter. social media has become a valuable component of a successful employee advocacy program. Social media promotion is when the employee posts about the company in a positive way on their personal accounts.

Coordinating an effective social media promotion strategy can involve more work than the other two types, but it can also have a high ROI. At first glance, employee promotion on social media means that employees spread brand awareness on platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and others. They can share company news, expand a job offer, or re-share posts on social networks from your official channel. For marketing, employee promotion can introduce new campaigns and new products, with an authentic touch that traditional advertising doesn't have.

When employees feel comfortable sharing branded content, encourage them to edit the text and give their personal touch to the publication. The goal of employee promotion is to position employees as the people that the public listens to and follows. Educate employees about the benefits to them, such as increasing their visibility and credibility as subject matter experts. Another tool that will help you amplify your brand message is this e-book, How to Create a Serious Social Media Program.

And as a recent article published in Harvard Business Review states, a key component of brand credibility is employee advocacy. Just as sharing company news is just one element of effective thought leadership, this is just one aspect of an employee advocacy program. Hootsuite Amplify is your one-stop solution for setting up an employee advocacy program that people want to be part of. However, employee promotion is much more than making employees follow the company's social media accounts and simply share what they're given.

An employee advocacy platform provides the ideal environment for encouraging thought leadership activity among employees. By prioritizing third-party content along with company stories, employees can easily share industry ideas and establish a position on key issues. Employee advocacy programs are also an effective way to generate more awareness, both inside and outside the company, about the organization's culture. When done well and consistently, employee promotion can help you increase brand awareness and reputation more quickly and effectively than just marketing.

When an employee, for example, highlights how much they enjoyed your experience of onboarding new employees, their audiences will share your employee's perspectives.

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