What are the 4 c's in social media marketing?

And do you know what the new strategy they introduced is? The 4 C's are customers, cost, convenience and communication. Digital marketers argue that these 4Cs are much more valuable than the 4Ps. So let's thoroughly understand the 4 C's of digital marketing below. There are several social media outlets, but the focus should be on some of them rather than all of them.

Social media sites engage people from all over the world and provide a platform for sharing their personal thoughts. The hotel, gastronomy and service sector is being completely disrupted by peer groups on social networks, such as Airbnb, for example; their motto is “Travel like a human”. To fully understand the interaction, the company can analyze which channels are the best for connecting and chatting on social networks. However, all companies that want to succeed in the digital world must be present on social networks to connect with their customers, attract them and create new solutions collaboratively.

This research article is really fascinating, since it shows a survey of 50,000 users of social platforms and classifies what they call streaming behaviors. A thorough analysis of social media marketing would provide you with information on how customers respond to your content. Another thing to keep in mind is that, with the evolution of the social media era, connecting with your customers through social networks has also become a norm. Creating engaging and regular content for your audience could draw them to your social networks and engage them in positive conversations.

If you don't have well-maintained social media accounts, your potential customers may not trust you. The 4 C's of social media marketing have become essential for managing and expanding your online presence. As a social media customer, my interaction with companies has changed dramatically. If I leave a restaurant or hotel now dissatisfied, I tell management that they can read about it on Yelp or Tripadvisor.

Some key findings are that Asian users are more engaged with the social web than Western users, which is surprising. Collaboration on social media is on the rise and people are constantly looking for influencers and social media activists to form opinions and make purchases. This level of collective commitment and collaboration makes fans and followers of social networks feel more appreciated and special.

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