What are some tips for creating an effective paid advertising campaign on social media?

The best tips for beginners in social media advertising Get to know the business goal you're trying to achieve. Let your organic posts serve as the basis for your ads. Design your ads with mobile devices in mind. Test your ads to optimize performance.

Hubspot recommends establishing at least eight touchpoints with each prospect; Salesforce says that 6 to 8 touchpoints is the magic requirement for qualifying a potential customer. We, and Hubspot, have discovered that it can take up to 8 touchpoints (with a variety of different types of ads, messages, texts and creativity on digital channels) for a customer to buy something, and it's best to have a combination of types of touchpoints, such as ads, blogs and outreach messages. In B2C, there are usually no more than 3 paid touchpoints (influenced by the budget, of course). Will the same announcement about the new chicken burger at McDonald's attract Sarah, a 21-year-old inner-city worker, and Peter, a 39-year-old single father? Maybe.

In an awareness campaign, for example, you can publish ads for both segmentation groups and track the results both at a granular and broad level. Remember that you don't have to follow Google's recommendations blindly, but you should use them as a starting point to develop a highly relevant list of segmented websites for your campaign. We've even delved into the question of whether organic or paid social networks are better for your business, and we've shared some tips on how to overcome the all-powerful social media ad algorithm. While some may not consider YouTube to be a traditional social network, the platform's active and engaged community speaks for itself.

As you would with display or search ads, you'll want to have different versions of your social media ads to find the right combination of elements that works best to generate results. Whatever your idea of success, make sure you've described the KPIs you want to monitor throughout the campaign. Many companies make the mistake of organizing a social media campaign that focuses solely on the benefits of their products and services. This visual fixation platform is very popular among millennials and stands out for being one of the best networks to sell on social networks.

Consider your objectives when choosing the type of promotion tactics, as well as the type of content you'll create for each campaign. Bookmark it for later or share it with your colleagues for a 10-step guide to planning and executing an incredible paid social media campaign. Don't forget that you can also take advantage of paid advertising opportunities on social media as part of your niche marketing efforts. This is a different approach than behavioral advertising, in which the user is oriented according to the actions they have taken on the brand's site (what products they have seen, what they have added to the cart, etc.).

We've talked about the strengths of paid advertising on social networks and discussed the many paid social ad formats available for use. Kelly developed a 6-month marketing strategy that included paid ads, SMM, mobile marketing and marketing automation, which resulted in a 1200% ROI increase in ROI in just 6 months. Always test the most recent type of ad or platform available and see if it's a viable advertising channel for your company. You should monitor your social media presence and participation on all the channels you use as part of your campaign.

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