What are some tips for creating an effective employee advocacy program on a business's social media accounts?

A survey conducted by the Marketing Advisory Network revealed that leads developed through employee social marketing tend to generate seven times more conversions than other potential customers. Your staff members are already connected to thousands of people. Since 20 to 50 percent of purchasing decisions are made through peer-to-peer marketing, having an employee promotion system can help your brand gain credibility and increase its reach by taking advantage of those networks. In addition to sharing relevant content on social media, you'll see the benefits of employee promotion in all areas of your company.

The Smarp platform helps marketers promote internal communication and employee-driven content sharing with features such as a gamified leaderboard and data-rich analytics that can help calculate ROI based on promotion. By offering a comprehensive solution for business marketing on B2B social networks, Oktopost's employee promotion tools allow sellers to post content in thematic forums to share content, in addition to specific mobile applications, as well as the employee's web browser. That's why a social media promotion program is the best way to show the benefits of your products, instead of telling your customers why they should care. Marketing leaders should no longer think about social media solely at the departmental level and recognize that the company's workforce is a great asset to social media marketing.

However, employee advocacy platforms can make your life easier in the long run, especially if your company has more than 20 employees. Review your branding program every few months to see how your progress compares to the goals you set in the beginning. Amplify allows your employees to access pre-approved content to share on their social networks, all in queue and ready to go. The next step is to let employees know about the promotion program, what you plan to achieve, how they can help, and what's there for them.

Your employees are the human face of your brand and have valuable connections on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. While influencers are paid to create sponsored content for your brand, brand advocates are motivated by their enthusiasm for your product or service. So what should a marketing organization do to encourage participation in its employee advocacy program? The next 12 steps are sure to give you wings. There are a lot of things that can go wrong when employees are given the freedom to publish on behalf of the company, without oversight.

Data from Smarp, an employee promotion software company, indicates that the average employee advocate has approximately 420 friends on Facebook, 400 contacts on LinkedIn and 360 followers on Twitter. A content calendar is useful not only for your marketing team, but also for ensuring that you keep the brand loyal when creating content.

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