What are some tips for creating an effective customer service strategy on social media?

Find and monitor conversations that are relevant to your company. Expand your idea of what customer service can be. With how fast the Internet is, a late response can be just as bad as not responding at all. Your goal should be to get answers to questions as soon as customers ask them.

Simply telling your customer that they need to call or email for help isn't going to be enough; it seems rude, aggressive, and completely lacking empathy (the most important skill in customer service). This type of proactive customer service on social media can make customers feel like you're defending their success and striving to provide them with the best experience. Of course, responding quickly means creating a procedure that sends messages to the right people, prioritizes them according to urgency, and allows for quick responses. Once the problem is resolved, use emojis or GIFs to show your personality and make your customers smile along the way.

There was a time when excellence in customer service seemed to be the hallmark of a luxury experience. Whatever approach you take, the ultimate test is the experience of your real customers, not the best possible theoretical result, but the real daily experience of real people seeking help. In a JD Power survey of more than 23,000 online consumers, 67% of respondents reported having contacted a company through social media for help. As important as it is to listen to and respond to your customers on social networks, not all problems can be solved through social networks.

In addition to taking advantage of the competitive advantage offered by social media customer services, intelligent companies are constantly monitoring and adopting new trends in social networks. Some customer interactions can be resolved with a quick exchange of ideas, but sometimes you'll want to disconnect the conversation to resolve an issue with a customer more effectively. However, if you suspect that someone is trying to trick you on social media with overly inflammatory comments about pop culture, politics, or things other than your product, service, or brand, we recommend that you stay away. You can engage with customers on all popular messaging platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

Considering that 63% of successful companies align all their business units with the overall corporate strategy, that is the only way to ensure effective and efficient implementation. Think as if someone on social media were tweeting or posting, and set up broadcasts like HubSpot + awesome, HubSpot + worst and HubSpot + thanks. Use social media monitoring tools such as Mention or Brand24 to monitor the keywords mentioned online and receive notifications every time someone mentions your brand online.

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