How do you respond to a customer review on social media?

It's a pleasure to have customers like you. We will do everything we can to make your future experience with us even better. By responding as soon as possible, you show how much you appreciate the customer; it's a simple action that will accompany your words of thanks. This is a great opportunity to establish and strengthen trust between your company or brand and the customer.

Include details about the customer experience in your response (when relevant) and communicate any changes or improvements you've made or are going to make as a result of their feedback. Even if the review includes a critical comment, start your response with an affirmation of the positive aspects of the review. By responding as soon as possible, you can minimize the chance that other potential customers will be swayed by the original reviewer's experience. Before you write the rest of your neutral response to the review, start the right way by showing your appreciation for the time it took for the customer to write the review.

You should respect that anonymity and encourage the reviewer to give their private opinion to your human resources team. Or you can simply click the Thank You button to show your appreciation to customers who have taken the time to review your business on Yelp. The fact that many brands have found different ways to generate great responses to reviews demonstrates the opportunities available to win back dissatisfied customers. Keep in mind that your reputation is determined not only by what you say about the company, but also, and probably above all, by what customers say on online review websites.

So don't forget your greetings and, if possible, avoid the generic phrases “Dear Guest” or “Dear Customer”. It's always best for you and your customer to talk directly about the problem they've had and disconnect it. But it's smart to attack while the iron is hot and invite reviewers to take additional action while they're satisfied. For example, you can take a positive review from Google and post it on your company's Facebook page or add it to the testimonials section of your website so that visitors know right away what to expect.

In addition, you don't want to manually log in and out of commercial review sites, so using a comprehensive review response tool can be useful when managing multiple comments. In response to negative criticism on Facebook, Forest Grove Veterinary Clinic published an elegant response that highlighted the company's values while directly addressing the customer experience.

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