How can you effectively use social media to promote your advocacy?

Connect with policy makers on social media Advocates can contact their legislators directly on social media using VoterVoice, connecting them with local, state and federal legislators and ensuring that those with the power to push for change hear their message. When employees develop a strong voice on social media and use it to speak convincingly and personally about their employer among their personal followers on social media, they exponentially increase the reach that their employer has on social media. The main points above are key to helping you participate in social media promotion on behalf of your company. Next, you'll discover how you can participate in social media promotion and why this benefits you and the company you work for.

To comply with the above tips more effectively, a social promotion platform like EveryoneSocial can save you a lot of time and headaches. In addition, your company may not be able to monitor or get the best reports that show that you are making good use of your time on social media. They're pretty easy to find, but you can always search for influencers on Google on social media, you'll find lots of articles by people to follow and study. If your company values being a social company or you see your colleagues very active on social networks on their own, then a social promotion platform like EveryoneSocial can be an excellent option for your company.

In her blog, sociologist Deborah Lupton describes how she has used a wide variety of social media platforms to enrich her research, as well as her ability to interact with readers and receive feedback from them. Ten tips for non-profit organizations on Facebook: Provides ten simple but effective tips for strengthening your organization's presence on Facebook. According to Mike Kujawski, international social media strategy consultant, “Apps and websites that were once considered 'social technology' are just a natural evolution of the modern Internet. There are literally hundreds of social media apps that could be used for digital promotion, but to start, spend your time and resources where your followers are most likely to be (Facebook and Twitter are good bets).

If you take the time to develop a solid understanding of the type of people your company is trying to reach, you'll instinctively discover how to communicate with them more effectively on social media. But what does it take to participate in social promotion and become an advocate for high-quality social networks in the eyes of your employer? Building Your Online Community & Social Media Presence is a useful PDF brochure from the SCRA that covers case studies, segmentation, branding, support channel and promotion. When done right, employee advocacy is one of the most effective ways to improve public image and employee engagement.

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