How can businesses use user-generated content on their social media accounts?

Created by people, not brands. The application was also linked to social networks so that users could compete with each other and share their results, which helped the brand to increase its presence and visibility. Know the type of brand that people want to share with their colleagues and that they talk about on their social media accounts. And those actions not only create a bridge between the brand and the customer, but they also expose your audience to new people and content, which creates the possibility of viral posts being published.

Because the faithful are passionate about worshiping at the brand altar, this audience segment is ready to request specific UGC content and request it. It's when you ask your audience to create and share content related to your brand and the winner gets a prize. One of the ways to get content for customers is to organize contests on social networks, create unique hashtags and get your followers to contribute to your hashtag. Regardless of how you label your most dedicated customers, they're usually the group that's most enthusiastic about your business.

Most people follow brands on social media in one way or another, and since 75% of people have bought a product because they saw it on a social network, there's a huge market to access. The UGC is key to this strategy, since it demonstrates direct participation by publishing images that consumers have published, either on the brand's social networks or on its website. As with any other marketing initiative, you should have a clear plan for how you'll achieve results with your new content efforts. As expected, Facebook is emerging as the first option when brands think about publishing user-generated content on social networks.

It has the added benefit of making it easier for fans and followers to verify that the content was actually created by someone outside your company. Get inspired by the most popular trends on TikTok and learn how to identify emerging trends to grow your business or personal account. With 80 million photos uploaded to Instagram daily and 30 billion pieces of content published on Facebook per month, it's clear that the content is now available for companies to use.

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