How can businesses use contests and giveaways to increase engagement on their posts?

Depending on the type of gift you have,. Sweepstakes work on social networks if your goal is to generate more participation on social networks and generate traffic. The first thing is to set your goals for the contest. Are you looking to increase participation? Driving traffic to your website? Increase brand awareness? For example, if you want to increase engagement, Twitter or Instagram would be good options.

If you want to drive traffic to your website, a Facebook contest might be a better option. You can use a giveaway to increase participation, increase your email list, add more followers, and increase your brand's visibility through cross-promotion. BHU Foods received a 35% increase in its online sales by adding social media contests to its marketing strategy. A social media contest is a social media campaign that encourages participation, followers, potential customers or brand awareness in exchange for prizes and offers.

Find ways to encourage your customers to interact with your social media profile in exchange for incentives for contests. The first person to discover the clues and return the correct information to you will be the winner of the contest. Another great idea for an Instagram contest is to ask the contestants to take a photo with your product and reward the person with the most interesting photo. Gifts create better engagement with your potential customers and help you appreciate the loyalty of your followers.

When the giveaway ended, they noticed that most of the contestants labeled their famous Kopari Coconut Body Milk and Coconut Crush Scrub. You can make the “paint it to win” format more appealing by inviting users to create unique Pinterest boards on a topic related to your brand. Social media giveaways can be a great way to increase engagement and increase brand awareness, but pay attention when designing your incentives. Many brands, around 45%, like to organize contests on Facebook and Instagram at the same time.

In addition, when you credit users for their content, your trust, loyalty, and interaction indices will show the benefits. As a result, one of the best types of contests you can organize on TikTok invites participants to film some type of video response to your content. Once you know what you want to achieve, it will be easier to choose the right platform (or platforms) for your contest. However, as your followers get more involved, you can ask them for more to increase engagement with social media giveaways.

Use this template to launch your next social media contest and generate more engagement, leads and sales for your company.

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