How analytics can help the business with their social media strategy?

Key social media KPIs help marketers analyze data and focus on the unique metrics of each social media platform. Marketers must have a strong understanding of how content is performing on each social network. Using the best social media analysis tools will not only result in increased profits, but it will also prevent your company from losing valuable customers. Because social networks are such a transparent medium, social media analysis tools can be applied to brands beyond their own.

Social media analysis tools allow marketers to discover invisible layers, such as hyperlinks and mobile data. In other words, it's a higher-level social media analysis tool that synthesizes your data to establish a coherent and easily understandable window into the online narrative. And because people love to share their brand experiences on social media, brands can directly track these changes as they apply to their own social media metrics and to their relationship with competitors. Carefully managing your journey from the start to the established customer through social media analysis is vital to the retention and health of your brand in the long term.

This is achieved through social media datasets powered by next-generation artificial intelligence (AI) that provide a 360-degree contextualized view of the social narrative on any topic. SocialPilot is a comprehensive platform that helps you automate and manage your social media marketing strategies. However, extracting information about the market, competition and consumers on social media is still only half the battle. This additional data can be included in your social media analytics so that you have a complete view of your customers at all touchpoints.

Social monitoring focuses on following social audiences to receive alerts about peaks in activity that represent an opportunity you don't want to miss or a possible disaster that you want to avoid. Since one of the underlying principles of social media analysis is to discover and meet consumer needs, this ability to see emerging conversations in response to social or market stimuli allows brands to act quickly and increase their voice share before other brands have had the opportunity to do so. For example, if you want to know what people in Boston have to say about pizza, you can find out using social media analysis. As an organization, you must decipher these statistics to fully understand customer preferences and areas of business opportunity.

Analyze every aspect of marketing and take advantage of social media analysis to stay ahead of the competition.

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